~ A landmark in winegrowing ~

An old sandstone monument stands on the corner of a vineyard signifying the place where, many years ago, Major Sir Thomas Livingston Mitchell began his explorations of South East Australia. The monument is a timely reminder of one man's thirst for exploration.

Today, the journey continues here for the Jones family, passionate about producing wine that you can enjoy and share with your friends and family.

Monument Vineyard, make your own discovery.

The original concept for Monument Vineyard originated in the early 1990's by a group of Charles Sturt University Viticulture and Wine Science students. After research into the wine growing areas of NSW, the Orange region was decided upon as the perfect location to realise their dream of establishing a vineyard and producing wine. In recent years, this district, has developed a reputation for wines with intense flavours and complexity. The well drained, terra rosa soil of Cudal revealed an environment with great potential for large scale production of premium grade wine.

In October 1998, the first 50 hectares of vines were planted with the remaining blocks established the following year. An experimental block was established to trial new varieties, clones, root stocks and viticulture techniques.

In November 2009, the Jones family continued the dream with vineyard management directed and motivated towards quality grape growing and the use of modern grape production techniques in order to ensure excellent future vintages.