Our Wine Makers

Our Wine Makers

Chris Derrez and Lucy Maddox- Wine Makers

Chris Derrez and Lucy Maddox are a tenacious duo when it comes to wine making. Rain, hail or shine, one can find them at their winery in Cargo, NSW tending to the many barrels of wine in their care, each one personally seen to and monitored throughout the whole process from the crushing of the grapes to the finished bottle. It is no wonder they are responsible for making such a large proportion of the wine that comes from the Orange Region.

Together they run Madrez Wine Services, which was established in 2002, and combine old world traditions with new world techniques and equipment to craft wines of quality and regional expression. They pride themselves on their organic certification.

Chris was born in Gevrey-Chambertin,in the Côte d'Or, the heart of France's Burgundy region and home to the world's great Pinot Noir. Growing up on the family vineyard estate sparked his curiosity in the winemaking process and for as long back as he cares to remember he was “always interested in wine”. Here he gained the practical experience that enabled him to travel the world extensively learning new techniques and gathering advice as he observed wineries and techniques in thirteen different countries.

It was on one such trip he met Lucy in Western Australia and there the romance began. Chemist and oenologist, Lucy studied at the Roseworthy Wine School and worked for three years at Brown Brothers as their chief port maker. For Lucy, Chris the fascinating Frenchman was “far too interesting a character not to follow” and that she did, first to Tunisia and then to Switzerland working in wineries as they went, before settling in Orange NSW.

With only twelve tanks and an old corrugated iron shed, Chris and Lucy began their dream of running their own winery and bottling plant.

Today, we are proud to have such knowledge and skill as part of our team.
“We do wine because we love it” Chris Derrez…and we, at Monument Vineyard concur.